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Rates & Services

Lawn Cutting: $55+ gst and up

Contact us for a free estimate. The price above is based on an average size lot. Lawn cutting services include trimming the alley and lawn edges. Also, for an extra cost, we can edge your lawn where it meets the pavement. This service really makes your lawn look refined. We offer summer contracts that include weekly or twice weekly lawn cutting for the season as well as holiday cuts. We give discounted prices for neighbors of current customers and seniors.


Let us get those weeds under control for you without any herbicides. We offer biweekly and monthly seasonal weeding contracts. Prices are based upon types and quantities of weeds as well as soil type.

Contact us for a free estimate!

Cedar & Hedge Trimming

We offer hedge trimming and cedar and shrub shaping. We will not be taking on any more cedar trimming until next season.

Power Rake & Vacuum:

$145 + gst

We power rake (dethatch) your lawn areas, vacuum up and haul away the thatch. We also offer a lawn cut and whip for $22 extra.

Spring Cleanups:

$250+gst and up

Power rake, vacuum, cut, removal of most leaves from your flower beds and pavement areas. We use a leaf blower to get as many leaves as we can from your flower beds and to tidy up before we leave. The leaf blower works exceptionally well for decorative rock beds. We also offer a Spring perennial care service where we tidy up your perennials and get them ready for the next growing season. Please call for a free estimate- the price depends on the amount of trees and flower beds, the size of your property and what services you would like.

Flower Planting

Looking to brighten up your yard? Annuals in pots or flowerbeds are a perfect way to add a lovely pop of colour. We can pick up and plant annuals based on your desires and colour/plant preferences. Or you can pick up the plants and we will plant them for you.

Small Tree & Shrub Pruning

Sick of those branches hitting you in the face when you're mowing your lawn? Worried about the health of your young maple tree or Ninebark? Our certified Arborist will prune your trees and shrubs properly so that they remain healthy and strong (and out of your way).

For larger trees - we recommend

Fruit Tree Pruning

Our ISA Certified Arborist will prune your fruit trees so they are healthy and productive. Pruning can also be done to satisfy your specific needs. (less fruit production, tree-reduction, tree-cleaning, disease prevention and control, etc.)

All litter we create, we take away.


Our educated Landscape Designer will assist you with any landscape needs. Yard Essentials specializes in smaller landscape plantings and designs such as flower or shrub beds.

Snow Removal

Yard Essentials offers two types of snow removal options.

For optimum snow removal services, Yard Essentials offers winter contracts beginning in October and ending in March. For a monthly price, depending on lot size and desired snow removal, we will take care of any snowfalls within the time declared on the contract. This means your snow will be cleared as early as 6am the next morning depending on how much snow fell. This way you can rest assured that your driveway and sidewalks will be cleared as quickly as Yard Essentials can remove it. Another pro/con to contracts is that no matter how much it snows the customer pays the same amount each month.

Another option for our customers is to call in when you require snow removal. This option is not as dependable as we will always put our contract snow removal customers first. This means that your snow may not be removed until a couple days after it snows. In a winter with heavy snowfalls, this method may get expensive. In winters with light snowfalls this method is quite affordable. 

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