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At Yard Essentials we believe the best time to aerate your lawn is in the fall. In the fall, grass plants begin to focus their attention and energy on developing strong root systems to carry them through the dormant season (winter). Aeration at this time creates an ideal environment for root production by providing additional oxygen and loosening the soil. Waiting until fall to aerate will help your lawn to build a healthy and expansive root system.

The second best time of year to aerate is in the spring. The root system of your lawn will not benefit as much from aerating at this time. Another problem with aerating in the spring is the soil is exposed to weed seeds, including crabgrass. Aeration in the spring provides ideal conditions for crabgrass germination.

Aeration is not recommended in the summer.

After aeration, we also recommend that the plugs taken from your lawn be left on your lawn. The microorganisms in the plugs help to naturally break down thatch. These plugs will break down over a few weeks. 

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