Yard Essentials

Landscape Maintenance Inc.

Meet your "Yard's Essentials"

Emily: Owner/Manager/Arborist
A.A.S Landscape Design
A.A.S. Turf Management
A.A.S. Urban Forestry
A.A.S. Greenhouse Technology
A.A.S. Floral Design
ISA Certified Arborist since 2005

Emily is a founding owner and director of Yard Essentials Inc.
Emily, a farm girl from Southeastern Saskatchewan, has spent the last 18 years developing her skills and feeding her passion for nature as a landscape maintenance and tree care professional. From 2000-2003, she studied at Minot State University - Bottineau. She graduated from this program in 2003 with honours and earned the five Associates of Applied Science degrees listed above. In the summers between college classes she worked for the Leisure Services division of the City of Estevan, SK as a tree care and park maintenance professional. She worked for Beauscapes Lawn and Tree for 3 years. In 2005, Emily earned her ISA certification and became recognized as a certified Arborist and has recently re-certified in 2019. In 2009 she and Angela Downing founded Yard Essentials.

Patrick: Foreman
Patrick has been working with Yard Essentials since 2016. He is building an arsenal of yard care skills, including but not limited to lawn cutting, whipping, hedge trimming, weeding, planting, and landscaping. He is the foreman of our maintenance divison of the company. Patrick does a wonderful job at ensuring our lawn care services are completed to the high standard that is expected from our company.